Combat & Classics

November 26, 2018

Ep. 27: Interview with Jennifer Wright


  • Shaun Riley

    I came to St. John’s College after serving a tour in Iraq as an enlisted infantryman with the Maryland Army National Guard’s 58th Brigade Combat Team. I had studied political science at a large state university, but was unsatisfied with the education I received. I felt that, even after four years of studying, I hadn’t really grasped what there was to be learned from these “great books” I had heard about. Having served a tour in Iraq, I had also become deeply interested in fundamental questions of philosophy and political philosophy to help make sense of some things I experienced there. St. John’s offered the opportunity to learn from the greatest minds that have ever lived, and to think about the perennial questions that accompany the human condition. Shaun Riley U.S. Army Sergeant M.A., St. John’s College, 2013
  • Mace M. Gratz

    I attended St. John's College for my undergraduate education after four years in the Marine Corps.  Overall, I was very impressed by the high caliber of students, the quality of classes, and the warmth of the community on both campuses.  The great books program turned out to be an exceptional way to transition from military life to academic life. Mace M. Gratz B.A., St. John’s College, 2008 USMC, Sgt 1999-2003 Combat Photographer
  • Skip McGee

    This isn’t your ordinary school – St. John’s College is for those who aren’t just trying to collect a degree as a piece of paper for their next career goal. It is for those who want the time to reflect on the deep problems and ideas within the Western world, who are more interested in the why than memorizing an explanation of the way the world works. The community and faculty are unique and inspiring; fellow students who will challenge you come from different backgrounds and bring different ideas to the table. If you are willing to genuinely engage with the program, St. John’s College will revolutionize your perception of the world, filling your head with the thoughts, problems, and dialogues of great minds. The program will better enable you to listen to and understand others, building your own proficiency in dialogue and conversation. Ultimately, the College will broaden your thought and forever change the selection of books on your shelves. Skip McGee, SF ’10 Captain, USMC