Q: What is it?

The SJCLS are free, online seminars where students take part in a discussion surrounding a reading selected by the tutors and facilitators.

Q: Who can sign up?

Open to any active duty or veteran.

Q: When are these held?

Approximately once per month during the academic school year.

Q: How are these held?

We use free video conference software from Zoom.us.  When you enroll in a seminar, you will receive a meeting number that you enter into the software and you will be able to participate if your device has a video camera and audio input.  You can also call into these seminars if you do not have a video enabled device.  The Zoom.us app is available on iOS and Android devices.

Q: Do I have to read ahead?  

Yes.  The readings are typically between 20-30 pages and will take you maybe an hour to read.  You should also have the reading with you (digial, book form, or print out) during the seminar so you can follow along better and/or refer to specific lines in the reading.