Ep. 47 The Education of Cyrus, Book VI

Brian, Shilo and Jeff get together to talk more about the difference between sexual and political love, or eros, and about the connection between eros and gratitude.  We end on another cliffhanger, as Cyrus’ army, complete with siege engines, is about to attack the Assyrian host.  And Jeff admits to a crackpot theory about the connection between love, chariots, and… Plato?

Ep. 46 The Education of Cyrus, Book V

Shilo Brooks returns for the next podcast in our series on Xenophon’s Education of Cyrus.  We talk about Book V, the love book — easy now — and especially about the differences between sexual and political love.  Cyrus’ special friend returns, as does his boyfriend, and the Susan woman.  And the book ends with another kiss!  We also learn the secret of when Cyrus, and Xenophon, use names.

Ep. 45 The Education of Cyrus, Book IV

Shilo Brooks returns for Book IV of Xenophon’s “The Education of Cyrus.” We discuss Cyrus’ attack on the Assyrians, consolidation, cavalry, and Cyrus’ first boyfriend returns (::kiss::kiss::) and the Susan woman.

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Ep. 44 The Education of Cyrus, Book III

Shilo Brooks returns for another episode of “The Education of Cyrus” by Xenophon. We discuss moderation, virtue, risk and a brief mention of the ugly boyfriend.

Ep. 43 Pierre Manent’s “The Metamorphoses of the City”

Dr. Joseph Wood (Institute for World Politics and Cana Academy) joins Brian and Jeff to discuss Pierre Manent’s “The Metamorphoses of the City,” Chapter 2: The Poetic Birth of the City.

We discuss the relationships between war and politics, especially as it relates to The Iliad.

Ep. 42 The Education of Cyrus, Book II

Shilo Brooks returns to continue our exploration of Xenophon’s “The Education of Cyrus” Book II where Cyrus goes to war against the Assyrians and we try to tease out what fundamentals of warfare Cyrus discovers versus what he’s taught by the Persians.

Ep. 41 The Education of Cyrus, Book I

Shilo Brooks returns to discuss Book I of Xenophon’s “Education of Cyrus” where we discuss Cyrus’ early upbringing and the nature of government.

Ep. 40 The Sicilian Expedition

Andrea Radasanu of Northern Illinois University returns to discuss the Sicilian Expedition by the Athenian Empire from Thucydides “History of the Peloponnesian War.”

Ep. 39 The Wright Brothers

Jeff and Brian are joined by Shilo Brooks, Director of the Engineering Leadership Program at the University of Colorado – Boulder, to discuss the role of engineering in the liberal arts and his lovely essay on the Wright Brothers for Scientific American:


Ep. 38 Thucydides Part I

Jeff and Brian are joined by Dr. Andrea Radasanu, Acting Director of the University Honors Program at Northern Illinois University, to discuss Thucydides “History of the Peloponnesian War,” specifically the Athenian plague and Pericles funeral oration.

For more info on Andrea and NIU, click here: https://www.niu.edu/honors/about/staff.shtml